Chop border guards apprehended illegal migrants from Georgia


Last weekend, two citizens of Georgia said goodbye to their dreams about life in one of the countries of Western Europe.  Border guards of BS “Guta” hindered them. This detention became “classic” as local residents showing their non-indifference in this case noticed the group of persons who were not quite similar to local resident neither by their appearance nor by the clothes and informed border guards about that. And the very detention was not a difficult job: well defined task by the chief and suddenness gave an opportunity to apprehend two unfamiliar persons without document on the approaches to the state border. According to the words of the detainees, they were citizens of Georgia and made their way Slovakia in the search of better life.

Administrative-procedural and operative-checking activities are realized according to the present fact as to possible participation of third persons in illegal transportation of persons through the state border. Decision on responsibility before the law and future destiny of the detainees will be made by the court.