Asylum seekers will be helped in Transcarpathia


Employment is the most acute phenomenon among the problems asylum seekers face in Ukraine before they are given a decision about their request to get protection.

How can be people helped who owing to the force of circumstances found themselves in a completely vulnerable condition – these issues were discussed during the working meeting of the counselor on human rights of Regional Representation of Administration of High Commissioner of UNO on refugee issues in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, Armen Edgaryan with the chief of Head Administration of State Migration Service in Transcarpathian region , Igor Mykhailyshyn, Mukachevo mayor, Zoltan Lendel and director of Regional Employment Centre, Yuriy Fuschych.


At the present moment, there are about 130 persons on the territory of the region in Mukachevo, Uzhgorod and Perechyn, who applied for protection in Ukraine. 56 of them submitted corresponding application to subdivisions of Migration Service of the area this year. There are 54 including 24 children (5 of them are unaccompanied minors) foreign migrants residing at Temporary Holding Facility in Mukachevo and Perechyn. The job for this category of persons is the most important component in the process of integration into Ukrainian society.


Besides, as it was mentioned in a conversation, realization of the right on employment by the asylum seekers on an equal footing with education and medical aid is hold in a new Law of Ukraine “About refugees and persons in need of complementary or subsidiary protection”. Thus, the task of the bodies of executive power, municipal self-government is to assist in every possible way to these people in keeping their legal rights.


Taras Petryn, director of the company “Flextronic-Mukachevo” presented at the meeting, pointed out that their company is ready to see asylum seekers among their workers. Thereafter, the overwhelming majority of these persons speak fluent English that is an additional motivation for employment for the company with foreign investments.


A corresponding protocol of intentions was decided to be resolved at the meeting. Experts of each interested department were entrusted with elaboration of the mechanism of realization of these intentions in accordance with the Code of Laws of Ukraine about employment and other normative and legal acts. Refugees and persons granted temporary or subsidiary protection should enjoy social and economic rights in practice on the level with the citizens of Ukraine as required and undertaken by international obligations of our country.