“Svoboda” starts nationwide action against illegal migration

Svoboda” is dissatisfied by conditions of agreement on Readmission

All-Ukrainian association “Svoboda” calls Supreme Council for termination of Agreement with European Union on Readmission and it also starts action against illegal migration.

“During the last years about 7 million able-bodied Ukrainians left Ukraine, and about 7 million migrants from the countries like Africa, Asia and Caucasus came to Ukraine. We stop to be the hosts of our own land”, – coordinator of nationwide action against migration Andrei Illenko announces.

According to Agreement on Readmission with European Union from January 1, 2010 Ukraine is obliged to accept hundreds of thousand illegal migrants from EU who get there from the territory of Ukraine.

“These illegal migrants will be kept for our money and milliards of UAH from the state budget of Ukraine are not be allotted for the army, medicine or students’ grants, but for illegal migrants” – the member of “Svoboda” added.

“Experts has already calculated that next year Ukraine will get at least 150 000 illegal migrants from Central Asia and Africa. The majority of these migrants come to Ukraine by transit from Russia, Belarus or Caucasian countries, however Ukraine will not be able to return them there – these countries, unlike Ukraine, did not sign up Agreement on Readmission with EU” – head assistant of “Svoboda” Andrey Mohnik declares.

Moreover, according to his words, Ukraine is under obligation to accept alien illegal migrants as it has not concluded necessary agreements on readmission with those countries from which the flows of migrants come. According to this fact “Svoboda” demanded to terminate agreement between Ukraine and European Union on Readmission and also to pass Law about Citizenship according to which citizenship will be given only to those persons who are born in Ukraine or are ethnic Ukrainians returning from abroad. Besides, “Svoboda” is going to carry out action under the name Stop illegal migration! in 12 regional centres.

As it was announced, on January 15, 2008 Supreme Council ratified agreement between Ukraine and EU on Readmission. Agreement foresees the procedure of the persons’ return who did not implement the conditions of enter and stay on the territory of Ukraine or one of the state-members of EU, and also reduction of transit transportation of such persons into the countries of their origin.

Source: http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/politics/1020438