5 citizens of Moldova were apprehended during their illegal cross of Ukrainian-Slovakian border


During the detail patrolling (Department of Border Service  “Kamyanytsya” in Transcarpathian region) the tracks of some persons were detected leading to the side of state border. The border guards started the search of the violators and informed about them to their Slovakian colleagues. Soon the border guards of the eastern country oriented by the Ukrainian lawmen detained 5 illegal migrants – citizens of Moldova.

The trespassers of the age 20-37 years old were well prepared to a quick short forced march in a snowy locality. They were dressed in warm clothes and did not have any extra things. In the course of frontier representative meeting in a check point “Uzhgorod” the detainees were passed to the staff of Chop Border Detachment.

Source: http://pvu.gov.ua/control/uk/publish/article?art_id=75374&cat_id=48886