Transcarpathian AFOC “caught” a great channel of smuggling of illegal migrants


Officers of Administration on Fight against Organized Criminality (AFOA) of MOI of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region unmasked a criminal group dealing with smuggling of illegal migrants. This group was comprised of five persons, namely three citizens of Ukraine and two men from Armenia. It was established that participators of criminal group organized smuggling of illegal migrants through territory of Ukraine to the countries of Eastern Europe, namely to Slovakia and Hungary.

So, on September 17 in the town of Uzhgorod AFOC detained five under aged citizens of Somalia without any documents and right to stay on the territory of Ukraine.  At the same time three members of the criminal group were apprehended being engaged in organization of concealment and smuggling of mentioned group of illegal migrants through the state border of Ukraine. Apprehension of the following person was also carried out by law enforcement agents: a woman that hided illegal migrants in her house and a private taxi driver who was taking “clients” to the place of destination. 

Illegal migrants were handed to Chop Border Detachment.

In accordance with the present fact, Public Prosecutor’s Office of Transcarpathian region commenced a criminal case (as to part 2 Article 332 of crime Code of Ukraine). Sanction of that Article foresees imprisonment up to seven years.