Five Chechens were apprehended in the regular bus “Lvov-Uzhgorod”


In Transcarpathia the border guards of Chop Detachment detained Chechen family intending to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border in the bus depot of the Uzhgorod in the frames of implementation of operative and preventive activities “Foreigner”.

At about 12 o’clock at night border detail from border mobile post “Chop” together with administrative-operative group of BS “Uzhgorod” during the check of documents apprehended five citizens of Russian federation (Chechnya), two of then showed internal passports and two presented migration cards to the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

As it became known later, 42-year-old citizen of Chechnya together with her two sons of the age 6-17 years old and two adult men, one of them was her nephew, came to Transcarpathia aiming at crossing the border.

These persons were apprehended and prosecuted according to Article 204-1 of Code of Ukraine about administrative delinquency “Illegal cross or intention to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine”.

At the present moment, the detainees are in TDC of Chop Border Detachment for establishing the circumstances of delinquency.