Afghani and Moldavian were apprehended in “Boryspil” with British and Romanian passports


Two foreigners travelling with forged passports were apprehended in the airport “Boryspil”. Both violators posed as citizen of other states, especially a passenger checking in for the flight to Paris who showed a passport of the citizen of Romania for control. The officers of SBS established that pages with constituent data in the document were changed. After that violator confessed that he was 23-year-old Moldavian. According to his words, he bought this document from an unknown man because he wanted to be employed in France.

Another breaker made his way to Canada. Ukrainian border guards cleared out that passenger of the flight “Kyiv-Toronto” was not a citizen of Great Britain: traveler’s passport was forged. After revelation the man confessed that in reality he was 56-year-old citizen of Afghanistan. At the present moment Ukrainian law enforcement agents identify detained foreigners.