Oleksandr Ledyda: «No any “settlers” for illegal migrants should be in Transcarpathia…”


            For some time past, information was spread concerning the possible building of new centres to keep illegal migrants in the region. A ground for this became information about European Union, as if, is going to conclude a contract on building of tens of tens temporary accommodation and detention centres in Ukraine. So to say, some “settlers” will soon appear in Transcarpathia.

            Especially critically this problem raised in Chop where border guards insisted on building of a new centre for keeping illegal migrants. In some Mass Media even a statement was declared that regional power and personally the head of Regional State administration would assist in construction of such an establishment. On this reason, the head of Transcarpathian RSA Oleksandr Ledyda affirmed the following:

– Regional power did not give permission to place news centres for temporary accommodation of illegal migrants in the region. The position of Regional power is explicit: there should be no any “settlers” for illegal migrants in Transcarpathia, a tourist-recreational area, which we strive to make ecologically clear as well. On the example of camp in Pavshyno, Transcarpathians have already observed what threat for population illegal migrants bring: different diseases, growth of crimes, etc. I do not see any sense to return to the problems of the past times.

At the same time, it should be realized, that region borders on immediately 4 countries of EU. Thus, there is a question on counteraction to illegal migration in the region and yet it will stay actual for a durable period. Detained “illegal migrants “at the place” should be identified and perhaps the crimes committed by them are to be investigated. To my opinion, such operative actions have to be implemented exceptionally on the territory of border detachments – in specially equipped buildings. There are such premises in Chop as well as in Mukachevo Border Detachments. Probably, now these centres do not completely correspond to sanitary-hygienic standards of international human rights organizations. If EU wants to allot money for improvement of these conditions – regional power will assist it. But, it is said not about building of new centres for keeping illegal migrants on the territory of Transcarpathia.

Source: http://zakarpattya.net.ua/ukr-news-79075-Oleksandr-Ledyda-Na-Zakarpatti-ne-povynno-buty-zhodnykh-vidstiinykiv-nelehaliv%E2%80%A6