Residents of Transcarpathia adjusted the channel of illegal migrants’ smuggling into EU countries


Administration of SSU in the region disclosed and stopped the activity of organized criminal grouping which adjusted smuggling of illegal migrants from Southeast Asia through the state border of Ukraine. This year in the end of March the workers of SSU detected nine citizens of Afghanistan without any documents identifying them in a private house in the village of Esen, Uzhgorod district. Three members of the grouping participating in the transportation of “illegal migrants” were arrested – two residents of Transcarpathia and one inhabitant of Lviv.

The Investigation Department of SSU in Transcarpathian region filed a criminal suit concerning the members of the grouping in accordance with the signs of the crime foreseen by Part 2 Article 332 (illegal smuggling of persons through the state border of Ukraine) of Criminal Code of Ukraine. This Article specifies imprisonment for the period of 3 to seven years.