Border guards “dug out” from the sacks two illegal migrants from Moldova


Border guards detained 16-year-old boy and 25-year-old woman from Moldova in Odessa region. Detainees intended to get to Ukraine hiding in the truck which was filled by sacks, packages and boxes. The vehicle was driven by 22-year-old citizens of Odessa. In the check point “Mayaky” Ukrainian man assured that he travelled to Odessa by a transit way alone. However, after a thorough investigation some passengers were found under the load. Moldavians told that they stopped the car nearby the border village Palanka and asked the driver to take them. At the present moment detainees are delivered to border subdivision. A question is solved on illegal transportation commenced against the driver as to criminal case in accordance with Part 1 Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine.  For such a violation a responsibility is foreseen in the form of imprisonment from 3 to 5 years with confiscation of the vehicle or other means of crime perpetration.