Illegal migrants from Georgia “attack” the border of Transcarpathia from all sides


Only for the last days border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” and “Kamyanytsya” of Chop BD detained 11 illegal migrants fromGeorgia…

In the first case, district inspector of BS “Uzhgorod” noticed four unfamiliar persons of not Slavonic appearance during patrolling not far from the railway station of Uzhgorod. During the check of documents unknown persons presented their passports for travelling abroad – the documents of citizens ofGeorgia. During interview with law enforcement agents detainees could not explain the goal of their arrival. As it was established later according to the words of detainees, they confessed in their intention to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border beyond the check point and continue their trip along the countries of Shengen zone.

In the second case, 4 citizens ofGeorgia moving towards the state border having no documents were detained by the border detail in the suburb of the village Sukhaya Guta.

Other three Georgian citizens were apprehended in the suburb of the village Kamyanytsya, two men and two women (two of them had passports for travelling abroad) confessed at once about their intention to cross the border. All mentioned above citizens were detained and called for responsibility in accordance with Articles 204 Part 2 of Code on Administrative Infringements for attempt to cross the state border ofUkraineillegally in the composition of group of persons.

At the present moment are in the short-term detention centre of Chop Border Detachment, the future destiny of the travellers will be decided by the court.