Three “tourists” from Georgia and a taxi driver were detained at the border


Border detail of Chop Detachment detected 3 citizens of Georgia nearby the border in the suburb of the village Stuzhytsya. The car with migrants was driven by the citizen of Ukraine of 23 years old. On demand of the border detail to present document, the driver reacted momentary. Then man sat down into the car and tried to run away knocking off the installed lifting gap on the road. However, the young man could not run far away, soon he was detained.

Georgians reported to law enforcement agents that they arrived toUkraineas if with tourist goal. They hired a taxi, the driver of which had to take them to Transcarpathia for a reward. They are attracted by remarkable places of this area. Besides, they would like to visit  Uzhanskyi National Park, which they saw in the book “Transcarpathia – guide”. However, their appearance nearby the border testified about quite other plans of “tourists”.

At the present moment driver-runaway and Georgians are detained until establishment of circumstances, they are undergoing filtration measures.