Increase of illegal migrants at Ukrainian border

20 illegal migrants were apprehended during the last weekends by the workers of State Border Service of Ukraine. The overwhelming majority of them tried to get to the countries of European Union illegally. The citizen of Iraq and two Palestinians were stealing through in order to cross the Polish border; however they were stopped by the border detail of Mostynskyi Detachment 70 m before the border line. In a result of interviewing they specified that all of them arrived to Ukraine in the end of September on legal basis through aviation checking posts to study and on private business.

Three more pseudo-students from Algeria were apprehended by the border guards in the village Popelychi, Zhovkivskyi district, Lviv region. The foreigners came to Ukraine on October 27 for studying in Kharkiv National University and Eastern-Ukrainian University named after Dal (town of Luhansk), however appearing not in the higher establishment but at the border.

Three illegal migrants from Afghanistan were caught in Transcarpathia by the workers of Department “Luzhanka”. As it was cleared out, the young boys (16 and 17 years old) were already detained three months ago at Ukrainian-Hungarian  border, nevertheless after their transference by the border guards to Migration Service they received an opportunity to be legalized and tried to cross the border again.

Besides, during Saturday – Sunday the workers of Border Department apprehended 4 immigrants from Vietnam, 2 citizens of Moldova and by one from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

Generally, State Border Service marks increase in detention up to 30% in comparison with the previous period and in number of those illegal migrants who were not let pass during the last week. The overwhelming majority of potential illegal migrants arrive to Ukraine for studies, with the purpose of tourism and on private business.