SMVI hinders illegal migration

Considering peculiarities of geographical position of Transcarpathian region the problem of illegal migration stays urgent here permanently.

SMVI (State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate) carries out active work on solution of migration issues. In the course of the present year a series of cases were fixed.

October 8 – in forest belt of Uzhgorod district 5 illegal migrants without documents were detained who named themselves to be the citizens of Afghanistan. In three days a car was stopped at the same area inside of which two citizens of Iraq were sitting who also did not have a right to stay on the territory of Ukraine. Some days later in Vynohradiv district two more illegal migrants from Georgia were apprehended. Except the very illegal migrants the workers of SMVI detect persons who favour illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine and discover illegal migrants at our territory.

It should be mentioned, the overwhelming majority of illegal migrants are males. During 10 months of the present year the service of SMVI together with other services of HAMIA in Transcarpathian region 81 persons were caught staying illegally on the territory of the country.

According to the words of the head of SMVI of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region Petro Lutsyuk:” Illegal migrants are transported and kept in inhuman conditions, they are dressed not in seasonal clothes, they do not keep simple sanitary standards and according to epidemiological situation in the state they are in the zone of high risk of illness. Thus, we ask citizens to inform about suspicious foreigners, especially from the countries of South-eastern Asia and the Nearer East over the phone…….. Reaction will be immediate”.