Trip of Georgian migrants

10 illegal migrants from Georgia and two guides, who were engaged in transportation of the refugees through the Russian border, were detained at about 1 a.m. by the workers of department “Novoazovsk” of Donetsk Border Detachment. Having previous information about possible break nearby the village Kuznetsi, Donetsk region the border patrol had already been waiting for them. Man, four women and five children accompanied by two citizens of Mariupol were stealing to the border at night. After detention men were sent to border detachment, women and children are still under control in district hospital of Novoazovsk till case trial in the court. By the way, the older child is 8, and the youngest one is only one year old. For the present moment, it is established, that all citizens of Georgia arrived to Ukraine on legal basis through the airport “Boryspil” and then, according to their words, they intended to get to Chechnya. Such a detour they chose because they could not get to Russia legally having no visas.

During the last day the border guards detained 23 illegal migrants.