477 foreign violators were detected in the course of operation in Odessa region

Problem of illegal migration appeared in Ukraine at once after collapse of Soviet Union – many families had relatives outside the country and vice verse, it caused transmigration of the citizens.

At the present moment, often the residents of the Asian countries try to get to the territory of Europe through Ukraine and there are also those who endeavour to be assimilated at the territory of Ukrainian state. Aiming at decrease of illegal migration flow, the law enforcement agents of Odessa region operative-preventive operation carried out in November. The goal of this activity is directed upon the prevention of legislation violation on legal status of the foreigners, discovering and stopping the crimes and other violations committed by the foreigners and persons without citizenship including those Ukrainian citizens participating in smuggling, control strengthening on creation and functioning of joint enterprises and companies, field of activity connected with foreign tourism, educational establishments that implement training of the foreigners and persons without citizenship.

In average during the day 460 workers of home affairs were participated in these activities. During these actions the following points of possible stay of foreign citizens were checked, namely: 127 – hotels, 160 – hostels, 2555 – private addresses, 48 – educational establishments, 19- tourist organizations, 113 – enterprises, 321 – markets, 222 – railway stations, 1729 – transport means. 477 facts of breach by the foreigners of rules on stay in Ukraine were detected. 216 illegal migrants were apprehended by the employees of bodies of home affairs. Materials issued on deportation from territory of Ukraine 226 foreigners as to who decisions were made about expel from the territory of Ukraine according to the Article 32 of Law of Ukraine “About legal status of foreigners”. In a compulsory order 26 foreigners were expelled (all of them were deported for the expenses of receiving side), out of them: citizens of Azerbaijan – 2; Georgia – 2; Congo – 1, PRC – 5; Moldova – 13; Russia – 3. 1 group of illegal migrants was detected in the composition of 4 citizens of Moldova. The term of stay in Ukraine was shortened to 46 foreign persons. Three crimes were discovered committed by the foreigners.