Transcarpathian border guards apprehended Armenian and Malian at the border

In the check point “Tysa” border guards detained the citizen of Armenia who tried to cross the border having forged documents. In the course of border control of the bus Donetsk-Malaga (Spain) suspicion of the border guards aroused as to the documents of one of the passengers. The man presented so-called Travel document issued in Spain for the check. He is stated there as person with no citizenship. With the help of technical measure it was cleared out that documents contain sign of extraneous interventions – photo is re-glued, laminated film is damaged. Beforehand, in the course of filtration measure implementation foreigner called himself the citizen of Armenia and told that present document he got at the territory of Armenia and paid for it € 1000 aiming at further trip to the countries of EU. The citizen is detained in administrative order till his identification.

Besides, in the evening the border guards detained one more trespasser. The citizen of Mali who attempted to cross Ukrainian-Hungarian Border but he was caught by the detail of Border Service “Tysa” nearby the village Solomonovo. Now this detainee person gives explanations to the border guards about the reasons of his act.