Border guards are against building of new detention centre for illegal migrants in Transcarpathia

As it was reported by, on December 1, chairman of Border Service of Ukraine Nikolai Litvin had been visiting Transcarpathian region. N. Litvin had a meeting with governing bodies of border region. In the course of the meeting the problems of border detachments were discusses which stationed in the region, and discussions were also on rendering assistance from the side of local power. The special attention was paid to the issues of illegal migration. Statements of Minister of Interior Affairs Juriy Lutsenko were mentioned concerning the building of new detention camp for illegal migrants in Transcarpathia. As it is known, due to persistent position of governmental bodies of the region and deputy corpus such a point Pavshyno was managed to be liquidated. During this time, according to statistic data, the number of detained illegal migrants decreased in half. N. Litvin supports position of regional authority on inadmissibility to place in Transcarpathia a new detention centre for keeping illegal migrants – this will only increase the situation at the border.