Two illegal migrants from Turkey planned illegally cross the river Zahidnyi Buh to Poland


The border guards of Lutsk Border Detachment prevented two migrants from Turkey to cross illegally the state border on Poland through the river Zahidnyi Buh. One of details of department “Hrabove” detected the trespassers and started to follow them. Simultaneously neighbouring sub-divisions and Polish colleagues informed about uninvited guests. The foreigners were attempting to run away. One of them was caught by the border guard at once. The other man was apprehended in 20 minutes with the help of the dog. The detainees were delivered to Border Sub-division. They had documents of citizens of Turkey, a map of automobile roads of Volyn region and a bottle of brandy. As it was cleared out later on, the foreigners knowing Ukrainian and Polish languages arrived to Ukraine with aim to get to Poland illegally. In the end of October they came from Belarus on legal basis.  During their stay in Lviv the men had been preparing to illegal trip – they were examining the maps and determining the route. According to their words they planned to swim over the river Zahidnyi Buh. They took alcohol with them in order to get warm after night winter round. Lyubomylskyi Interdistrict Court has already fixed the punishment – 15 days of imprisonment which they will serve in TAC of Lutsk Border Detachment.