200 illegal migrants will be readmitted to Ukraine from EU countries in 2010


Ukraine expects up to 200 illegal migrants in 2010 according to the programme on readmission from EU countries. This data was announced by minister of Interior Affairs Vasyl Marmazov at the press-conference. According to his words, it is an official statistics. “These are migrants who have been detained by the bodies of Interior Affairs of Ukraine. I do not calculate those persons who are sent back from the territory of Ukraine directly at their cross of the state border”, – V. Marmazov stressed. Deputy Minister remarked that all detained illegal migrants are kept for the state costs “Keeping one illegal migrant from the state budget comprises €2-2.5 per day”, – the official said. Herewith, he confirmed that next year the flow of illegal migrants to Ukraine can be increased if the corresponding amendments will not be put into legislation. Such risks exist if in the nearest time the initiative of MIA to create the single migration body attached to MIA will not be supported”, – he announced adding that the most part of illegal migrants is observed at the eastern and northern borders of Ukraine.

According to this fact, Ukraine needs the creation of temporary accommodation centers for illegal migrants as for the present moment there are only two of them – in Volyn and Chernihiv regions.

“In 2010-2011 Ukraine has an intention to build 2-3 centre for keeping the foreigners and persons with no citizenship who have been deported from EU countries according to Agreement on Readmission”, – V. Marmazov added.  

Source: http://www.golosua.com/politika/2009/12/23/u-2010-roci-v-ukrayinu-z-krayin-yes-readmisuyut-20/