Three illegal migrants were apprehended at the bus station in Uzhgorod


In the evening the border guards of Chop Border Detachment  detained three citizens of Georgia at the bus station of regional centre of Transcarpathia in the town of Uzhgorod. The border detail did not get any response from the Caucasian detainees on the goal of their visit to Ukraine. The migrants did not have any documents identifying them. According to their words, they are citizens of Georgia who have been living for some period in Ukraine, however they decided to look for a better lot in the countries of Western Europe and confessed in their intentions to cross the state border by illegal way. The third man was apprehended the next day early in the morning according to similar circumstances. All three persons are in the detention centre of Chop Border Detachment now. The filtration-checking measures on their cases are carried out at the present moment.