Ukrainian and Russian men smuggling illegal migrants from Afghanistan were detained in Sumy region


On Saturday early in the morning the detail of border service “Shaligine” of Sumy Detachment keeping under observation the area of state border between the Ukrainian village Katerynivka and Russian one Gorodysche noticed a group of trespassers with the help of the thermal imager.  Three persons were attempting to go around the checkpoint “Katerynivka”.  

The lawmen with a service dog caught up the travellers, two of them were carrying the rucksacks with personal things. The last ones were without documents, however named themselves the citizens of Afghanistan. Their companion was 31-year-old inhabitant of the Ukrainian village Kobleve (Mykolaiiv region).  

At that time when the lawmen pursuing three travelers, a car arrived to the check point “Katerynivka” the driver of which attracted attention of the detail by his excited behavior.  46-year-old citizen of Moscow region was evidently hurrying up somewhere. In the course of thorough check of the car, a map with marked route from the border inland the region and a written notice about temporary allotment of shelter on the territory of RF for two citizens of Afghanistan were found.  As they both, the driver of the car and guide of the illegal migrants crossed the check point “Bachvsk” was an evidence of their acquaintance.

The detainees were delivered to border subdivision. However, an action was commenced against the Ukrainian and Russian for illegal convey of the persons through the state border.