A profitable business on illegal migrants’ smuggling has been livened up in Transcarpathia


Spring has started and a profitable business on illegal migrants’ smuggling through the border becomes more active. April-May are the most active months for criminal groups specializing on illegal migration.

Last week border guards together with the law enforcement agencies detained 5 groups of illegal migrants from Asia and Africa – total 21 persons.  According to the words of the border guards, only from the beginning of the present year 630 illegal migrants were apprehended for illegal cross of the border and violation of the rules on stay in Ukraine.  

Now the most part of illegal migrants registers in Sumy, Chernigov and Transcarpathian regions.  There is a convenient wooded area for the illegal migrants. While Transcarpathia is a transfer point to Europe, so Sumy and Chernigov regions are ones to Russia. The income of such a business is more than tolerable. A migrant, so to say, pays about $10 thousand to get from China to Germany. 

Now the border guards ambush at the border in Transcarpathian region. They also use the thermal imagers for observations of temperature distribution on the exploring surface and attract cynologists with the dogs.  The borders guards with the lawmen check the suspicious houses where for example, the illegal migrants were already been detained before.  Besides, if information about the time and location place of illegal group is known beforehand so a disguised ambush can be organized. 

READMISSION. For the present moment European Union returned about 130 illegal migrants, 20 of who were the immigrants from the countries of migration risk (Africa, Asia), the rest are Ukrainians.  

Khrystyna Konovalova