The border guards unsheathe the sword to criminal groups specializing in illegal migrants


-State Border Service of Ukraine makes serious steps in liquidation of main channels of illegal migration at the most dangerous areas of state border – in Sumy, Chernihiv, Transcarpathian and Chernivtci regions. This statement was announced by the head of SBS – director of Department of State Border Security – Pavlo Shysholin. At the present moment SBSU together with law enforcement bodies implements a series of activities directed upon the increase of efficiency of their work. As a result, during the last week 5 groups of illegal migrants were detained originating from the countries of Southern-Eastern Asia and Africa – total 21 persons. Four of them were apprehended due to information of operative-searching bodies of State Border Service.

 – It is a positive dynamics, P.Shysholin reported, especially taking into consideration that not only foreigners were detained and also the smugglers who will be called to criminal responsibility. Besides, according to the article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine a criminal case was commenced against Ukrainian and Russian that smuggled the group of illegal migrants from Russia in Sumy region and concerning three citizens of Ukraine of Armenian origin who tried to take 9 Somalians and a citizen of Georgia to EU from Transcarpathia. All of them are sentenced to 3-7 years of imprisonment.  

– We are prognosticating that tension will grow because analysis of data of previous years shows that April – May are the most active months in the activity of the channels of illegal migration, – P.Shypolin indicated. We did everything to decrease the activity of criminal group in controlled border districts to zero. Besides, there are temporary border post and secreted details equipped with the thermal imagers at the most complicated areas , the cynologists with dogs are additionally involved. In the course of implementation of the operations to which operative-searching groups and mobile subdivisions will be involved, the alternative routing will be blocked with the examination of buildings and private houses where the illegal migrants can hide. The special attention will be paid to those inhabitants of the border area who have already been in the sight of the lawmen as those ones participating in illegal migration.

In General from the beginning of the present year the border guards detained about 250 illegal migrants – the trespassers, 380 persons were detained for the violation of the rules on stay in the country. And about 5 thousand potential illegal migrants were refused to enter Ukraine.

According to the data of EU experts, Central European route of illegal migrants goes through the territory of Ukraine to the countries of European Union. The most of them get to our country from Russian Federation. The tendency of the last years is a constant transformation of Ukraine from a transit state to a state of migrants’ settlement who actively form numerous diasporas. The other tendency – is increase of attempts to enter Ukraine by legal channels: for studies, with a tourist aim, employment, etc.