Modular premise for illegal migrants is opened in Kharkiv region


On April 7, 2010 an opening of special premise for temporary detention of the violators of Ukrainian legislation on border issues took place in Kharkiv Border Detachment. The building is designed for 8 persons to keep them during 10 days with aim to check up the detainees. It is a third similar premise build in the frames of the project of European Union – capacity strengthening and technical aid to the authorities of Ukraine for the effective fight against illegal transit migration “GDISC ERIT in Ukraine”. Generally, about €255 was allotted in the frames of the project for construction of five special premises of temporary detention in eastern and southern border regions of Ukraine. Two such special premises have been recently opened in Sumy region. The opening of the rest two in Luhansk and Odessa is planned in the nearest months.

The special premises for the violators are built on the basis of residential mobile module which in case of change of migration flows can be moved somewhere else.

Such was a position of State Border Service of Ukraine. There are separate rooms for men and women in the centers, first aid station and room for interviews conducting. Thus, the centers provide the migrants with all necessary things for living and completely correspond to EU standards. Simultaneously there are all conditions for work of the officers of State Border Service who carry out the initial identification of migrants.