The group of illegal migrants from Armenia was detained with the help of the peasants


8 illegal migrants were apprehended by the border guards of Lviv and Chop Border Detachments. Three men, one woman and two children were detected by the local people in the suburb of the village Devyatyr which is located 1,5 km before the state border. Receiving information from the peasants, the border guards actively detained “travelers” – the citizens of Armenia. The last ones had very serious intentions to get to Poland.

Two more immigrants from the countries of former Soviet area – Georgia – were apprehended by the border detail of department “Tysa” after alarm system went off. The border guards caught the Georgians 300 m before the Hungarian border.

In general, from the beginning of the current year, the officers of border authority detained about 700 illegal migrants for illegal cross of the state border and violation of the rules on stay in Ukraine.