The border guards of Chop Detachment caught again 8 migrants from Somalia


The group of 8 violators was detained 50 meters before the Slovakian border by detail of BS “Stuzhtsya” of Chop Detachment of SBS (Transcarpathian region). The detainees were citizens of Somalia of the age 20-24 years old. As it was cleared out, they broke Ukrainian border legislation not for the first time.6 illegal migrants were caught before during their attempt to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, two more – were arrested in Uzhgorod for breaking the rules of their stay in Ukraine. After the first meeting with the lawmen all foreigners received certificates about application submission to Migration Service of Transcarpathian region on refugee status granting . Temporary legalization Somalis used for repeated attempt to get the countries of European Union. Now the detainees are in TDC of Chop Detachment. The circumstances of violation and persons participating to its organization are now investigating.