A smuggler and 5 illegal migrants from Afghanistan were apprehended in Transcarpathia


The detail “Border patrol” during their service at Ukrainian-Hungarian border noticed the movement of unfamiliar persons in the area of Department of Border Service “Goronglab” of Mukachevo Border Detachment. Afterwards the border detail detained 1 citizen of Ukraine for the attempt to get illegally persons from Ukraine to Hungary in the distance of 1 km from the state border line making a warning shoot. In the course of further operative-searching actions the border guards apprehended 5 more citizens of Afghanistan in the distance of 500 m from the border line. According to the words of the detainees they were delivered to Ukraine illegally by some unfamiliar persons from Moscow where they arrived 1,5-2 months ago. They were taken to Transcarpathia by different cars mainly in the dark time of the day. The detainees were 3 men, 1 woman and 1 child trying to get illegally to the countries of European Union. Now the filtration measures are taken to the detainees.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/89075