There is violation of refugees’ rights and freedom of peace meetings in Ukraine


Amnesty International published annual report about the state of the human rights in the whole world. International experts marked that the rights of the refugees were violated and freedom of meetings was limited in 2009 in Ukraine.

“Ukraine has not stopped to violate the right for asylum: the sufficient fair procedures on asylum granting were absent. Besides asylum seekers and refugees were sent from country by force where their rights could be rudely broken” – it is said in the report.

Amnesty international reminds that it addressed to Ukrainian government during the year concerning four cases of similar accidents. “On August 25, 2009 amendment to resolution of Cabinet of Ministers about order of the entrance of foreigners and persons without citizenship to Ukraine has come into effect. Citizens of certain listed countries in the document and also persons without citizenship now have to have the least 12 620 UAH. “Appliance of such rules to asylum seekers contradicts international law about refugees and is compared to extradition”, – it is stressed in the report.  

According to experts’ evaluations, refugees and asylum seekers were threatened with compulsory deportation from Ukraine. “Persons detained aiming at further deportation did not have any opportunities to appeal against deportation and commitment. Power appeared to be unable to resist attack on racist grounds properly. Messages about tortures and cruel treatment with detainees at police station continued to be received, and guilty persons in violation of human rights left unpunished. Freedom of meetings, as before, was in danger”, – it is specified in the document.

Besides, it is also reported that from June 3, 2009 Parliament resolved a bill in the first reading “About order of organization and implementation of peace activities”. “Non-governmental organizations criticized the bill for non-conformity to international standards in the field of human rights. According to this document, any action to be held should be informed about 5 days before, no spontaneous meetings are admitted, it is permitted to law enforcement agents to use force, however nothing is said about requirements to limited activities. Statement about government’s obligation to keep human rights at peace meetings is absent in the bill”, – it is underlined in the report.

Generally according to the conclusions of Amnesty International, 81 out of 111 states (including 7 out of 12 countries of G20) have not joined to International Crime Court yet. 61 countries accused of human rights violation have not taken responsibility yet; not less than in 111 countries people are put to torture and cruel treatment, not less than in 96 countries freedom of speech is limited, not less than in 55 countries unfair court sittings took place; not less than in 48 countries prisoners of conscience are under arrest.

 “Prisoners of conscience are in prison in 30% out of the amount of all countries and in42% from the number of G20 countries. Freedom of speech is limited in 60% of all countries and in 53% in G20 countries. Unfair court sittings take place in 35% of all countries, and in 47% of G20 countries”, – it is specified in the report.