Somali pirates and a resident from Uzhgorod were apprehended at Kyiv-Chop highway


Four citizens of Somalia were detained at highway Kyiv-Chop in Rovno region. It happened nearby the village Koryst in Koretskyi district. 22-year-old Ahmed Mukhamud Abdi, 16-year-old Mohamed Iidl Hasan, 15-year-old Ali Mohamed Ali and 17-year-old Ahmed Moamed Hasan crossed state border of Ukraine illegally. They were in the car driven by 33-year-old resident of Uzhgorod. The car was stopped because of exceeded speed by road-patrol service. During the check of documents four Somali citizens did not have any corresponding documents permitting them to stay in Ukraine. The foreigners and a driver were sent to Police District Department. The driver of the car explained that he was travelling from Kyiv to Uzhgorod. At the exit of the city he was stopped by four boys who asked in Russian for a lift to Lvov. They promised to fuel the car for this service. He willingly agreed to take the fellow travelers. The Somali boys told that they did not want to be pirates on their motherland thus they started to look for the job in Europe and in Ukraine they turned out occasionally.  

According to the Law about legal status of the foreigners, citizens of Somalia will be sent to TAC in Volyn after court decision as they have violated the rules on stay on the territory of Ukraine. Then the foreigners will be expelled from Ukraine.