Six Afghanis and a guide were detained at Russian border


Seven violators trying to cross the border from Russia to Ukraine were apprehended in Sumy region. Early in the morning the detail of Department of BS “Seredyna Buda” heard a suspicious noise in marsh brushwood. The officers settled an ambush and soon apprehended the group of violators. From two adult and five almost young men only one guy had documents – the citizen of Russia, immigrant from Afghanistan. It was established before that his fellow travelers were the citizens of Afghanistan. They had only a pack with bread. Money, valuable items and passports as if were taken away by the guides. Now detainees are delivered to border subdivision. The conditions of law contravention and persons participating in organization of illegal trip are clarified.

Generally, in the course of the last day Ukrainian border guards detained 24 violators who attempted to cross the border. Besides, according to information of officers of State Border Service their colleagues detained 4 Somalis and 3 Palestinians, the lawmen of MOI – 3 citizens of Iraq.