Illegal migrants with smugglers from Transcarpathia were detained on the highway Kyiv – Chop


Kyiv Police detained a car “Toyota” with five illegal migrants in it. The foreigners were of the age 20-25 years old having no any documents. They attempted to cross the border through Ukraine looking for a better life. Young people wished to get to Germany – some of them wanted to get to the relatives, the others find a job, however, all of them have the same dream of finding the constant place of living. At night the car was stopped by the officers of SPS on the 32-nd km of the highway Kyiv-Chop which was driven by the inhabitant of Svalyava district, Transcarpathia.  30-year-old Yaroslav escorted by his car his friend – the driver of the car “Toyota”. Only for transportation of living goods to Western Ukraine the drivers had to receive $300 for each foreigner. It stays only to guess how much their way to Europe costs taking into account all the expenses. The policemen apprehended the smugglers. According to the court decision they will stay under arrest for two months. Besides police establishes the circle of persons participating in organization of illegal transportation of the citizens through the state border. At the present moment illegal migrants are at the placement centre for foreign citizens in Chernihiv region. Soon they will be deported outside Ukraine back to their country of motherland.