Trip of three Georgians to European Union was stopped by the border guards of Transcarpathia


At about 2 a.m. in the area of BS “Luzhanka” of Mukachevo Border Detachment three persons were apprehended in the distance of 350 m before the state border. According to the words of the detainees they were the citizens of Georgia. These persons were delivered to placement of border service in order to undergo filtration-checking measures and compile materials of the case on administrative infringement of the law. The apprehended citizens of Georgia were of the age 30, 24 an 34 years old. According to the words of detainees, they got to Ukraine by legal way – arriving be ferry from Batumi to the town Ilichevsk. Then they went to Chernovtsy by route buses and from that place they came to Berehovo district on foot deciding to get to European Union.