Illegal migrants from Guinea and Sierra Leone were apprehended in Lviv region


Two groups of illegal migrants were detained in the morning by the officers of department of BS “Shegeni” of Mostyskyi Detachment in Lviv region. The lawmen learned about the appearance of suspected persons from the local inhabitants. 1.5 km before the state border on Poland one of details detained two persons of Negroid race without documents. It was previously established that one of them was 24-year-old citizen of Guinea, and the other one – 22-year-old citizen of Sierra Leone. Soon the border guards apprehended two more persons with the help of the service dog 5 km before the state border.  The foreigners named themselves 27 and 30-year-old citizens of Guinea. At the present moment detainees are at the border subdivision. The lawmen clarify the details of the trip and person participated in its organization.