Illegal migrant was hidden in the boot of the car


Two Ukrainians were trying to take illegally to Ukraine a Moldavian. The foreigner was hidden in the boot of the car. The violators were apprehended in Odessa region. Illegal traveler was detected by the border detail in the check point “Udobne”. As it was cleared out, 22-year-old Moldavian has broken the legislation not for the first time that is why he could not officially cross the border. Some hours before because of excelling the term on stay in Ukraine in the past he was returned from the check point “Starokozache”. The foreigner decided to address to Ukrainian women to help him in order to continue his trip. The woman arranged the trip with the driver in the boot of which the citizen of Moldova was put. The swindle cost very expensive to all its participants. The foreigner was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. A criminal case was brought against the citizens of Ukraine.