Two groups of illegal migrants from Georgia were apprehended during a day at the western border


At night the district inspector of Department “Shegeni” detained three persons of Caucasian appearance in the suburb of the village Shegeni (Lviv region). The border guards found out that these men were citizens of Georgia. During interview they confessed in their plans to get to European Union. Now the Georgians are delivered to TDC at Mostynskyi Border Detachment. 

One more group of illegal migrants was detained by border guards of Mukachevo Detachment in Transcarpathia. The district inspector of BS got information from local inhabitant about seeing three unfamiliar men nearby the border.  After that the border details with service dogs started to a specified area. The representatives of Border Police of Hungarian Republic were also informed about that. During some minutes border guards caught three persons in the bushes nearby the control-investigation line. Two of them had passports for traveling abroad of citizens of Republic of Georgia, the third one was without any papers.

Detainees were delivered into location of Border post “Bodalovo” to undergo filtration-checking measures and prepare documents on administrative implementation. The future destiny of “travelers” will be decided by the court.