Illegal migrants were trying to escape from the building of State Border Service


In Transcarpathian region three citizens of Georgia were detained trying to escape the special premise of State Border Service. In a result of unsuccessful escape from the room located on the 4th floor one of the foreigners found himself on the sickbed.

At about 1 o’clock at night during the duty of the border details protecting the special premise a suspicious noise was heard. As it was cleared out a grating on the window was pulled out in the room where three citizens of Georgia were kept. Illegal migrants were trying to go down from the fourth floor through the vent light.  They used tied together blankets as a rope which they fastened to gas pipe. In a moment the border guards appeared in the room of detainees and under their window. One Georgian was missed. He was found later on near the building. The runaway was so in a hurry that he fell off the “rope”. Emergency delivered the citizen of Georgia who fell down unsuccessfully to traumatological department of Mukachevo Central District Hospital. He was diagnosed preliminarily an injury of the chest and fracture of the lower leg.  

The border guards of Mukachevo Detachment detained the Georgian at attempt to cross illegally the border on Hungary. Later on, all three migrants reported that they did not wish to return back home and they would try to get to EU countries in every possible way.