A group of illegal migrants from different countries was detained at Ukrainian-Slovakian border


A group of illegal migrants was apprehended by the border guards of BS “Stuzhytsya” in Transcarpathian region. At first, one of details stopped one Afghani man and one Palestinian one almost on the border line. Ukrainian law enforcement agents informed Slovakian colleagues about trespassers and started to look for other illegal migrants. Soon border guards detected and detained half a kilometer before the border three more foreigners, two of them were citizens of Afghanistan, and the third one was Pakistani. A little later, it was informed from the neighboring side that one more member of this group was caught – the citizen of Somalia.

At the present moment border guards clarify how and where such an international group has been formed. Examination of the case on trespass is going to be carried out jointly by Ukrainian and Slovakian border guards.