Under age illegal migrants were apprehended at the railway station of Uzhgorod


Under age foreigner-travelers being looked by their parents and police were detained by detail of traffic police in Uzhgorod. Joint patrolling of police and border guards in the areas of transport permits to fight against illegal migration effectively. Only in the course of the present year joint actions of traffic police and Border Detachments at the southwest borders of the state allowed to detect more than 100 foreigners who intended to cross state border illegally in the direction of the countries of European Union. Illegal cross of the state border in the conditions of operation of Agreement between European Union and Ukraine about Readmission not only undermine image of the government but also effects considerably the economy due to necessity to accept the foreigners at its territory and also to expel them for the expenses of the government.

The peculiarity of the current year is sufficient increase in the number of CIS citizens who intend to get to Slovakia and Hungary in circumvention of the demands of European Union.

However, till the present day all illegal migrants were adult, and on arrival of the train from Odessa – Uzhgorod two minors were apprehended at the platform of the railway station who asked the railway worker about the way to the state border.

Inspectors of Patrol Police Service and inspector of border service were surprised by the fact when the underage travelers reported about their place of residence in one of the neighboring states. They came here to get to Slovakia. Correspondingly, no documents except the train tickets till the station of Uzhgorod they had.

Delivering children, policemen asked to check the surnames, name and place of residence of “foreign tourists” the border guards of the neighboring state. The children were already looked for at their country of origin by policemen and parents. After receiving the message, they became calm. The travelers are alive, healthy and thanks to inspectors of Patrol service the relatives were informed on the phone about children’s adventures. The relatives were invited to take their children home. However, children’s stay on the territory of the state without corresponding documents foresees administrative responsibility. Thus, parents will have to pay a penalty.

At the present moment Traffic Police carries out the check of the circumstances on the underage migrants’ arrival. A system of measures will be proposed on the basis of the conclusions as to incidents of such type not to be happened again.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/96392