A search was conducted in the office of Vinnytsya Human Rights Group and the flat of its chief as well


 On Friday in the frames of the criminal case investigation on the fact of pornography spread through the blog of “Live magazine” police conducted a search in the office of Vinnytsya Human Rights Group (VHRG), and also in the flat of its chief Dmitriy Groisman. On May 2, he put up a video in his blog where people similar to a leader of forbidden in Russia Bolshevist Party Eduard Lemonov, writer Viktor Shedorovych and leader of the Movement against illegal migration Aleksandr Belov are having sex with unfamiliar girl. The search was conducted according to the decision of Lenin Court of Vinnytsya where it was indicated that a criminal case was commenced as to Part 2 Article 301 of Crime Code (“import, production, spread and sale of pornographic items”), foreseeing a punishment on imprisonment up to five years.

The chief of VHRG regards the actions of policemen illegal: “It is said about permission to conduct the search of my flat in the court decision, but police also searched the office of Vinnytsya Human Rights Group.” According to the words of Mr. Groisman, police confiscated all computers, 319 paper files with personal cases of refugees, and all financial documentation of VHRG as well. “We have complicated relations with local police because we help people who suffered from tortures. Initiators of the search confiscated the videos testifying humiliation of local DDI (District Department of Interior) and tried us to discredit with the help of accusation for the spread of pornography”, – Dmytriy Groisman declared.

“Mr. Groisman wrote a letter to Minister of Interior A. Mogilev where he asked to sort out the situation and handed it over to his member of Social Council attached to MOI Eduard Bagirov. In the near future the head of MOI will consider this appeal”, – the head of department of Public Affairs of MOI D. Andreev informed.

Source: http://kommersant.ua/doc.html?docId=1524518