Five “illegal migrants” were forcedly deported from Kirovograd region in October – November


Five foreigners were expelled from Ukraine according to the court decision in involuntary order during October – November 2010.

In the course of October – November 2010 on the territory of Kirovograd region policemen carried out regular preventive training as to illegal migration counteraction and operation “Migrant” to participation of which the officers of Internal Security troops of MOI of Ukraine were involved.

During realization of planned actions, there were 6 thousand examinations of object of possible stay of illegal migrants including more than 3,5 thousand private addresses and also more than 2 thousand checks of transport means and passenger trains. Hotels, hostels, tourist organizations, markets and railways stations of the region were not left unconsidered. A series of actions were also applied as to strengthening control for the stay regimen and prevention of delinquency on the part of foreign students studying in Ukraine. There were correspondingly checks of educational establishments and verifications as to the number of invited persons for studying, directed foreign citizens, those foreigners that study at local higher educational establishments at the present moment, and foreign students that were expelled on various reasons.

Generally, in the course of programme realization, policemen detected and documented 265 breakings of law about legal status of the foreigners, namely – 194 administrative protocols were compiled as to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship on breaking the established rules on stay in Ukraine. 72 persons of Ukraine were called to administrative responsibility that were rendering services and assisted in illegal stay of the foreigners in the country.  

Besides, a term on stay in the country was shortened to seven foreigners, 28 illegal migrants were established according to which a decision was made about exclusion from the country, including 5 foreigners according the court injunction were expelled from Ukraine in a forced order.