Lack of language knowledge let down illegal migrant


Border guards detected illegal migrant whose orthography let him down. The first striking thing was incorrect – writing of the words in a foreigner’s forged passport.

The foreigner illegally settling in Ukraine was checking in for the flight from Odessa to Istanbul. During the check of documents, 39-year-old citizen of Turkey showed to officers of SBSU certificate on temporary stay in Ukraine. In the lines “citizenship, place of birth, country of departure” it was printed “Turkey” in bold type (it was written in incorrect Ukrainian language i.e. Russian word was written by Ukrainian letters). It aroused border guards’ suspicion at once. Soon other mistakes were found in the document. It was also established that a form did not correspond to a specified model, different printing type was used, and seal with a number was traced out of a used one. Forged document was confiscated. According to the decision of Odessa Border Detachment, the foreigner was forbidden to enter Ukraine for three years.