Illegal migrants from Moldova were apprehended with smuggler in the forest of Transcarpathia


Two Ukrainians taking four illegal migrants from Moldova were caught at about 10 p.m. by the border guards from Chop Border Detachment together with the officers of SSU and MOI. The car was stopped in the forest nearby the town of Perechyn 7 km before the Slovakian border. Moldavians did not have any documents neither did the local persons. However, the Ukrainians reported that they lived in a border region and just agreed to lift three men and a woman as fellow travelers. Participation of Ukrainians in smuggling illegal migrants is now under investigation of law enforcement agents, the foreign citizens are called to administrative account for intention to cross illegally the state border.

In the course of 10 months of the current year the officers of State Border Service called to account more than 6 000 citizens of Moldova for various delinquencies.