Illegal migrants from Afghanistan have successfully reached only Chop from Odessa


The border guards of Chop BD detained four illegal migrants from Afghanistan, a child was among them (born in 2009) in the evening in the suburb of the town of Chop. The foreigners were transported by car by local resident who was hired as a taxi driver to take them to the Hungarian border. The foreigners did not have any documents except two migration cards issued by Kherson Migration Service. During the interview it was established that all of them arrived to Ukraine about two years ago on illegal basis. Migrants worked in Odessa market “Seventh kilometer” until their friend from Afghanistan proposed them to get to European Union. Accepting the offer, foreigners bought tickets to Kyiv and then to Chop, where they had to be met. There was nobody to meet them at the railway station. Thus, they decided to reach the border themselves. At the present moment detainees are at TDC in Chop BD. The smuggler is called to administrative account according to the Article 206 “Breach of order on dwelling, transport means assignment and assistance in rendering other services for the foreigners and persons without citizenship”, which foresees a fine in the sum of 50 – 100 non-taxable minimum incomes of the citizens.

During ten months of the year 2010, the workers of Border Agency detained 185 illegal migrants from Afghanistan. 104 out of them were apprehended at the order on Slovakia, and 24 persons – at Hungarian border.