Six residents of Chechnya and four Moldavians tried to cross Ukrainian border illegally


The officers of SBSU caught 10 illegal migrants who were trying to cross illegally the border avoiding the check point. Five men and 12-year-old boy made their way from Ukraine to Poland. The violators were detected in the forest by detail of BS “Smilnytsya”, Lviv region. Illegal migrants were Russians, residents of Chechnya. The foreigners confessed that because of difficult financial conditions they planned to get to the countries of European Union by illegal way.  Two taxi drivers agreed to lift them to the border and they paid €100 for this service.

In Transcarpathian region local people helped to catch four illegal migrants from Moldova. Border guards of BD “Novoselytsya” were informed about appearance of the group of unknown persons. Soon a detail with a service dog caught uninvited guests 800 m before the line of the state border.