SSU stopped up a channel of illegal migrants trafficking to EU in Transcarpathia


The officers of SSU liquidated a criminal group creating illegal channel of foreigners’ trafficking to the countries of European Union.

On November 23, SSU officers stopped a car with members of criminal group near Perechyn. There were four citizens of Palestine without document inside the car. As it was established in the course of investigation, foreigners arrived to Transcarpathia from Kyiv in order to get illegally to the countries of EU.

Soon three more persons were caught, citizens of Uzhgorod, previously convicted for analogous crimes. Elaborating corresponding plan, the members of criminal group provided transportation, residence, nourishment and deliver of foreigners to border zone and their trafficking through the state border.

SSU Investigation Department in Transcarpathian region instituted a criminal case on the signs of crime commitment foreseen by Part 2 Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine as to criminals who are under arrest at the present moment.