Two illegal migrants were apprehended in the train in Volyn


Two foreigners were detained – citizen of Great Britain and Somalia who posed as citizen of Great Britain. One of them was trying to cross the border with forged passport and another man was assisting in his illegal trip. Both foreigners were travelling in the train “Kyiv-Berlin”. During the border control the workers of check point “Yagodyn” established that British documents of one of them were forged. Traveler confessed that in reality he was 18-year-old citizen of Somali. According to his words, forged passport and student card of London college he received by post and paid for the papers $1500. Also Somali man reported that his fellow traveler was his old friend 41-year-old citizen of Great Britain of African origin helping him to get to Germany. The last one tried to deny his acquaintance with the neighbor in compartment, but border guards learnt that they lived together in one of Kyiv hotels. Herewith, double room for himself and his friend was ordered by citizen of Great Britain. At the present moment, a question is raised as to a criminal case on using forged passport during the cross of the state border, and concerning his helper – as to organization of illegal cross of the persons through the state border of Ukraine.