2 Turks and 3 Iraqis were detained in Transcarpathia at the border on Hungary


Two groups of illegal migrants were detained at Ukrainian-Hungarian area of state border of Ukraine. Detail of Border Service of Mukachevo detachment detected not far from the village Vilok two men. They did not have any documents, however they called themselves as citizens of Turkey.

As it was established, foreigners arrived to Ukraine as tourists. They told that they came to Transcarpathian region to evaluate forest as they had planned to buy it for building. According to the words of detainees, documents, phones and money were taken from them by two unfamiliar persons who brought them to the border, and then they were robbed by people who named themselves law enforcement agents.

Three more violators moving towards the border early in the morning were detected with the help of thermal imager by detail of Department “Luzhanka”. The workers of State Border Service announced about them to Hungarian colleagues who stopped illegal migrants. Detainees were citizens of Iraq.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/100672