Four Somalis were detained at Slovakian-Ukrainian border


Border police of Slovakia arrested four Somali illegal migrants nearby Slovakia-Ukrainian border, two minors were among them. Two illegal migrants were caught in the area of Snyny and two more in Rysskie Grabovtsy, Sobrantcy district.

The workers of Border Control Department of Police arrested two Somalis in the yard of uninhabitable house in the village Rysskie Grabovtsy. They were under age, they were handed over to workers of Administration of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Mikhailovtse.

Two other Somali citizens were apprehended on the same day, in the area of Synyna. Foreigners were temporarily placed in administrative building at border check point Ubla. Governing body of Chop Border Detachment (Transcarpathian region) was informed about detention of illegal migrants. Now a question is under consideration concerning return of two illegal migrants to Ukraine (readmission).