Three Afghanis and three Somalis were detained crossing illegally the state border of Ukraine


Three illegal migrants were caught in Kharkiv region – Afghanis and a Russian who was probably their guide. Border guards of check point “Vesele” during the patrolling detected the footsteps of four persons at the state border starting from Russian village Murom to Ukrainian one Ternova. A detail started at once for the searches. Soon law enforcement agents found them in a  regular bus “Ternova-Kharkiv”. At the present moment detainees are delivered to a subdivision of State Border Service.

Three more illegal migrants left their footsteps in the western part of the border. For their search a detail from “Knyagynya” started (Transcarpathian region). Simultaneously, Ukrainian border guards informed their colleagues about uninvited guests at the neighboring side. According to information of officers of State Border Service, detail of Slovakian border guards stopped three persons who were citizens of Somalia.